Intelligent Agents for Telecommunications Applications – Basics, Tools, Languages and Applications


Introduction to Agent Oriented Technology for Telecommunications Sahin Albayrak Abstract This paper provides a brief history of the development of agent-oriented technology (AOT) which is followed by a definition of the term "agent" which comprises inherent characteristics and capabilities of software agents. By means of analogy to object-oriented software engineering the process of agent-oriented software engineering is introduced by defining its different phases and corresponding activities. Agents in telecommunications must satisfy a range of requirements which are derived from future telecommunication applications and telematics services. Additionally, an overview is given of a number of selected application areas for agent technology in telecommunication. The agent platform underlying all applications and services is then presented as a toolkit for realizing agent-based applications and services. Part I: Applying Agent Technology in Service and Network Management Future IN-Platforms with Agent Technology Jens Meinköhn and Sahin Albayrak Abstract This paper provides a brief overview of Intelligent Network (IN) platforms and an analysis of their inherent deficiencies. It is proposed to introduce agent-oriented technology (AOT) into IN in order to extend existing IN platforms by data services which currently are not supported by those IN platforms. A three-step approach is sketched for applying an agent technology solution to IN.

Stockholm Schweden