Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Applications


Network Management The Application of Intelligent and Mobile Agents to the Management of Software Problems in Telecommunications Stephen Corley, Diego Magro, Fabio Malabocchia, Jens Meinköhn, Luisella Sisto, Sahin Albayrak, Alexander Grosse Abstract Agent technology promises to increase the flexibility and power of telecommunications management systems and services. This paper describes ongoing work that, through prototyping and experimentation, is aiming to understand the practical implications and benefits of applying agent technology to the management of problems related to service application software. Agents are seen to play a central role in enhancing flexibility, user friendliness and productivity, both for the end users and the support engineers, The agents can take care of much of the diagnosis, solution logistics and difficult software set-up procedures. Agent Based Architectures for Service Applications Open Scalable Agent Architecture for Telecommunication Applications Dirk Wieczorek, Sahin Albayrak Abstract This paper describes the JIAC project, an open and scalable agent architecture. The telecommunication market of today being in continuous expansion is in need of a platform to access the resulting growing demands. JIAC - Java Intelligent Agent Componentware - provides an agent based platform to meet those demands of the telecommunication applications. The requirements of those applications are outlined in detail in the 3rd chapter. Agent oriented techniques, as described in the first sections, are considered the adequate solution for the maintenance of networks and the provisioning of services. JIAC is using a component based approach to build customized agents. To realize telecommunication applications JIAC relies on the metaphor of electronic marketplaces as the basic structure.

Sahin Albayrak, Francisco J. Garijo
Springer LNAI 1437