Enhancing interaction with supplementary Supportive User Interfaces: Meta-UIs, Mega-UIs, Extra-UIs, Supra-UIs…


In order to improve the interaction control and intelligibility, end-user applications are supplemented with supportive User Interfaces (UI), like meta-UIs, mega-UIs, helping or configuration wizards. These additional UIs support the users by providing them with information about the available functionalities, the context of use, or the performed adaptations. Such UIs allow the user to supervise and modify an application interactive behavior according to her/his needs. Given the rising complexity of interactive systems, supportive UIs are highly desirable features. However, there is currently no common understanding of types and roles of supportive UIs. Enabling concepts and definitions underlying the engineering of such UIs are also missing. In order to fill this gap, the workshop seeks a discussion with a broad audience of researchers, who have experience with the design and development of supportive UIs.

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Alexandre Demeure, Grzegorz Lehmann, Mathieu Petit, Gaëlle Calvary
Workshop at the 3rd ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems