Drag-and-Drop Migration: An Example of Mapping User Actions to Agent Infrastructures


Runtime management of a distributed Multi-Agent System is a complex task. Tools that offer a generic solution for this problem and that are intuitive to use only exist in a very limited way so far. In this paper, we take the example of a Drag-And-Drop migration feature to show a concept and a prototype implementation for an intuitive to use user action. This triggers an interaction between the Multi Agent System and the visual management application, resulting in a migration of a mobile agent between different Agent Nodes. The example shows how the software agent metaphor, used in AOSE concepts at design time, can be sustained and elaborated in runtime tools for Multi-Agent Systems.

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Silvan Kaiser, Michael Burkhardt, Jakob Tonn
1st International Workshop on Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems (ITMAS 2010), Toronto, Canada