Bringing Creation of Context-Aware Mobile Services to the Masses


There are major barriers of entry that prevent individuals or small businesses from taking advantage of web services to enhance their businesses. Creating a web service is a task that would normally require someone with technical skills in programming. The overall cost of maintenance of the servers is also usually prohibitively high. The LOMS (Local Mobile Services) project addresses the above issues and tries to bring a contextsensitive web service creation to the masses. In this project, by combining the concept of an open integrated SOA platform and a style-sheet transformation, nontechnical users as well as small businesses are able to create and manage context-aware web services easily and quickly. This paper focuses on the service creation aspect.

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Jan Keiser, Tham Kriengchaiyapruk
IEEE SOA Industry Summit (SOAIS 2008) at IEEE Congress on Services (SERVICES 2008), Hawaii, USA, July 2008