Behavioral Biometrics for Persistent Single Sign-On


Driven by the rapid development of ubiquitous and pervasive computing, personalized services and applications are deployed to support our lives. Accordingly, the number of interfaces and devices (smartphone, tablet computer, etc.) provided to access and consume these services is growing continuously. To simplify the complexity of managing many accounts with different credentials, Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions have been introduced. However, a single password for many accounts represents a single-point-of-failure. Furthermore, once initiated SSO session is a high potential risk when the working station is left unlocked and unattended. In this paper, we present a conception of a Persistent Single Sign-On (PSSO) for ubiquitous home environments by involving the capabilities of Behavioral Biometrics to check the identity of the user continuously in an unobtrusive manner.

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Tarik Mustafic, Arik Messerman, Seyit Ahmet Camtepe, Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt, Sahin Albayrak
DIM 2011 (The Seventh ACM Workshop on Digital Identity Management), October 21, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA