Agent-based Telematic Services and Telecom Applications


The future telecommunications world will induce significant changes to the involved actors as well as to the quality and quantity of offered services. This article points out the determining factors, trends, and demands for infrastructure functionality of future service architecures and then motivates why an agent-based approach is adequate as underlying technology. We present the toolkit JIAC as a potential candidate for realizing such future services and applications as agent-based systems. It provides a scalable agent architecture, which integrates telecommunication-specific management functionality, cooperative service usage, and strong security mechanisms. A runtime environment adds further service infrastructure, authentication, and authorization. The toolkit is completed by a set of tools for rapid development and deployment of services as well as for managing purposes.

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Stefan Fricke, Karsten Bsufka, Jan Keiser, Torge Schmidt, Ralf Sesseler, Sahin Albayrak
Communications of the ACM 44 (4), 2001, S. 43-48