Simulation-aided Evaluation of Sensor Placement Options for Autonomous Driving

Level: Master Thesis

The main focus of this thesis is the support of evaluation of sensor placement proposals as they arise in selecting a suitable configuration of one or more camera, lidar or radar sensors, with a focus on a stationary (infrastructure) setting in the context of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM). A suitable simulation environment (like SVL or CARLA) should be used to generate sample data for different sensor configurations that allow for a reasonable evaluation of its effectiveness.

The overall goal is to find well suited positions (and orientation) for a sensor such as a camera, lidar or radar, based on the physical layout of its environment and the sensor’s characteristics, such as FoV or resolution.

Main Research Focus

  • Literature research on similar work and related performance metric
  • Selection or development of suitable metrics for fitness evaluation of individual sensor placement proposals
  • Application and evaluation of those metrics in a sample scenario


  • Basic programming skills (for manipulating simulation scenarios and possibly extending sensor implementation)
  • Experience with simulations in general beneficial
  • Any background in computer vision, with specific sensor data (lidar, radar, cameras) or their mathematical models would be helpful


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