Plattform Economy and Autonomous Mobility Solutions: Data Manifesto

Level: Master Thesis

Conception of a Data Manifesto for AI-driven Autonomous Mobility Platforms in the Platform Economy Framework


With the rise of new digital mobility platforms, innovative services will be introduced. Platform-based services such as Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), Car-as-a-service (CaaS), carpooling, ride-hailing, autonomous driving applications and many more are leading to various changes in how mobility is perceived. These mobility solutions are data-driven. Requirements for data acquisition, processing and use thus need to be understood and described in accordance with data laws which in turn may allow or limit the use of methods and models, respectively.

When building such solutions, it is important to deeply think about how to use data offered on platforms. This connects to detailing what kind of data is created and used, as well as explicitly not used. Addressing questions such as network effects produced with these platforms and describing the intertwining of provided data, models and services are key aspects for creating a data manifesto. 

This research focuses on building an understanding of a data manifesto for a data mobility platform in the realm of autonomous mobility. The work aims to shed light on the state-of-the-art described in the literature, restrictions other platforms self-impose, discussion on the virtues of certain self-imposed restrictions for a platform that is based in EU or Germany based on today’s social discourse, and proposes a data manifesto which considers elaborated properties for allowing autonomous and platform-driven mobility solutions to unfold.

Main Research Focus

  • Conduct Research on Platform Economy fundamentals, such as Digital Platforms, Network-Effects, Multi-sided markets, etc.
  • Transfer the theory to the context of autonomous mobility by assessing the concepts of Mobility as a Service and others Use Cases.
  • Also look at data protections laws and developments in the relevant areas.
  • Conclude a manifesto that clarifies the target of data acquisition and processing


  • Strong motivation to conduct research on a interdisciplinary level between Platform Economy and Autonomous Mobility
  • High interest in digital platforms, data regulation and in that context the impact of data organization on different stakeholders
  • Successfully completed university courses on state-of-the-art autonomous mobility solutions are a plus
  • Very good grades in relevant fields are desired


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