Plattform Economy and Autonomous Mobility Solutions: Effects on Urban Environment

Level: Master Thesis

Explaining the Effects of Autonomous Driving in Platform-based Urban Mobility on Public Space, Road Infrastructure and MaaS Solutions


In recent years, the development of cooperative and connected automated mobility solutions (CCAM) has experienced an upswing. Platform based services such as Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), Car-as-a-service (CaaS), car pooling, ride hailing, and many more are leading to various changes on how mobility is perceived. Today, the question arises of how holistic approaches can be designed to deploy CCAM use cases into real-world environments. 

Thus, an essential focus is to understand the role and effects that appear from data collected in digitalized infrastructures and autonomous vehicles. Digital platforms acquire large amounts of data from various sources, which are aggregated and then made available for use in a wide variety of products and services. Consequently, the availability of this data shapes the success of mobility services offered in CCAM-environments. Given this foundation, several effects on the city landscape are possible. In fact, an important research topic is the effect of (steered) data on public space, road infrastructure and MaaS solutions.

Main Research Focus



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