Plattform Economy and Autonomous Mobility Solutions: Business Model Development

Level: Master Thesis

Autonomous Mobility Data Platform: Value Proposition, Governance and Business Model for the Platform Economy Framework


Observing our changing mobility landscape, new innovative solutions within the field of autonomous driving are emerging everyday. Platform based services such as Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), Car-as-a-service (CaaS), car pooling, ride hailing, and many more are leading to various changes on how mobility is perceived. As vehicles are often no longer seen as something to be owned, but more as a service, related platforms are getting more popular everyday. 

This leads to a new set of challenges to involved actors, such as OEMs, start ups, public transport and governments. Namely, all stakeholders active in the mobility domain have to adapt to changing needs of the end users to make the travel experience safe and pleasant. At the same time, challenges such as sustainability (e.g. carbon footprint) need to be taken into consideration. 

Given this status quo, the necessity of novel business models is a logical consequence. However, due to the large variety of important components, the partly hard-to-reform landscape and the diversity of involved stakeholders makes this an interesting challenge of research. Thus, this thesis provides the opportunity of discovering what is needed for a deployment of novel applications and services within the area of autonomous mobility.

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