Plattform Economy and Autonomous Mobility Solutions: Key Characteristics

Level: Master Thesis

Modeling and Mapping Key Characteristics of Autonomous Mobility Solutions within the Platform Economy Framework


Autonomous mobility solutions are gradually making their way to both urban and rural infrastructures, paving a new path towards innovative solutions. By providing novel services like MaaS and carpooling, autonomous vehicles are set to take the center stage for new mobility. Given this development, even more disruptive technologies and use cases will emerge. With the smart urban infrastructure consisting of a wide variety of sensors and fast interconnectivity (5G), diverse and abundant data sources will be available for research, practice and policy maker. V2X connectivity and smart infrastructure leverage services in the area of multimodal transport, traffic, maps & navigation, parking, safety and payment. Those innovations create room for novel HMI solutions, new mobility solution providers and many other potential actors. 

Thus, connecting those diverse stakeholders involved in those mobility solutions will also play an important role for a successful transformation. Namely. it will be vital for platform-based mobility solution providers to understand the needs of not only the end user, but also those of other similar providers. A mapping of different platform solution providers may create new paradigms and solutions within mobility. 

In order to demonstrate the practicability of such approaches, a systematic review encapsulating different emerging disruptive technologies is desired, including use cases and regulations that emerge with cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM). Analyzing key features and modeling processes of selected use cases such as vehicle on demand, smart parking or GLOSA services, by including their functioning within respective stakeholders involved will be a key to develop and embed autonomous mobility solutions in our everyday lives.

Main Research Focus

  • Conduct literature research and create an overview on possible interplay of cooperative and connected  autonomous mobility framework (CCAM) and platform economy (PE) approaches
  • Contribute your own profound ideas
  • Choose several use cases and identify relevant Stakeholders
  • Create component-, process- and data landscape, assess their interconnectivity and relate them to important actors
  • Visualize how the platform economy principles (network externalities, platform, services, etc.) are mapped to the selected use cases, e.g. via BPMN process landscaping
  • Conclude with a recommendation on how the status quo can be used and transformed towards deploying the selected use cases


  • Successfully completed university courses on state-of-the-art autonomous mobility solutions, data platforms and the platform economy concept
  • High degree of motivation regarding the discovery of novel use cases within the autonomous mobility framework
  • Knowledge in process development is beneficial
  • Very good grades in relevant fields are desired


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