Efficient Parking Service based on CCAM-enabled Vehicles

The BeIntelli project led by the DAI-Lab serves as a showcase project for the AI-driven autonomous mobility of the future. Based on real scenarios, the mobility solutions of the future are tested and evaluated in the BeIntelli real-lab in the heart of Berlin. One particular focus lies on showcasing connected, cooperative automated mobility (CCAM). We take a top-level view on the entire infrastructure by communicating with digitized vehicles, the infrastructure (Edge) and cloud. On that foundation, we develop targeted services for showcasing such as Smart Parking.

To optimize the use of the available space allocated for parking more efficient, different solutions were developed. For example vertical parking infrastructures, e.g., multi-storey car parks, elevator-based parking stacks etc. solutions are used and dynamic pricing solutions. With this final thesis, we want to develop a software solution – Efficient Parking Service (EPS) – with a main focus on street side row parking (secondary parallel parking) based on the BeIntelli concept and CCAM-enabled vehicles.

The thesis is designed as a master thesis. In case you fit this topic excellently, it can be restructured as a bachelor thesis.

Main Research Focus and Tasks

  • Conduct literature research and create an overview on current Smart Parking solutions for Efficient Parking.
  • Develop and sketch the processes for a platform-based EPS for vehicle, edge and cloud, preferably with Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN).
  • Develop the planned EPS in a simulation environment for proof of concept.
  • Define and discuss the minimum requirements for Efficient Parking enabled vehicles.
  • Conclude with a discussion on benefits and disadvantages of possible future scenarios.


  • General knowledge on state-of-the-art autonomous mobility solutions are beneficial
  • Experience with communication frameworks and networking
  • Experience with Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) or CARLA
  • Experience with practical process modeling (for example BPMN) is beneficial
  • Programming skills in Python required, additional languages are beneficial
  • High motivation of discovering novel use cases within the autonomous mobility framework

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