Gesteuertes Laden V2.0

The Project

The project “Gesteuertes Laden” (managed loading and charging) designs hard and software solutions to use batteries of electric vehicles as energy stores as well as virtual power plants. It continues to develop the concepts that were devised in the project “MINI E Berlin powered by Vattenfall V1.0” and have already been tested outside the lab. While the functional demonstration given in this project focused on the principle usability of electric mobility in the context of interdisciplinary research and technology, the project “Gesteuertes Laden” focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the ecologically founded charging concept.


In order to reach the climate goals set by politics within a short time frame, the further development of renewable energy, especially wind power, is currently pushed. However, the availability of wind power has high fluctuations and is often asynchronous to the actual power requirements. In order to guarantee the stability of the power grid we need mechanisms and technologies that allow maximizing the potential of wind energy.

The goals of the project are therefore to get a better effectiveness of the managed charging operation, the integration of vehicle-to-grid applications (V2G) to maximize the use of renewable energy for power grid stabilization, the advancement of technologies to lower the costs, and finally to heighten the acceptance of the new technologies by users through incentive mechanisms and to increase the usability of the charging infrastructure.

In the context of the project, DAI-Labor develops a decentralized intelligent energy management system which allows to increase the scalability of the complete system and improves the mobility of the users through better planning algorithms that take into account elements like user profiles, charging curves, topology of routes, but also properties of the local power network. Even reservations of charging stations are taking into account in order to maximize the usability of electric vehicles. The V2G application is extended with a non-discriminatory access to charging stations and will be tested in an outdoor laboratory with a number of vehicles.

Last but not least, simulations examine the functionality of the system and the impact on the environment in the event of many vehicles and charging stations under certain conditions.

Project Acronym:
Gesteuertes Laden V2
Project Title:
Gesteuertes Laden V2.0
05/01/2010 ⇢ 09/30/2011
Electro Mobility, E-Mobility